Why Is Coaching So Effective? The Facts

Brain Activity - Facts of Coaching

“Coaching is purposeful and navigational work towards creating the life that you really want, at home and at work.”

Many organizations and HR experts already capitalise on nurturing a coaching culture within a company. “According to the ICF Global Coaching Client Study, the vast majority of companies (86%) say they at least made their investment back. In fact, almost one in five people (19%) saw an ROI of 50 times their investment, while a further 28% saw an ROI of 10 to 49 times the investment.”

What happens on the individual level? According to the study mentioned above besides that productivity increases, people become more positive and experience improved self-confidence (80%), improved relationships (73%), improved communication skills (72%) and improved work/life balance (67%).

Google Knows Successful People Get Coaching

What’s The Science Behind Coaching?

Once it fires, it wires! Research in the field of neuroscience is expanding and the phenomena of “neuroplasticity” is involved. ”Neuroplasticity” – the ability to rewire our brains at any age. Coaches help their clients bring mindful attention to creating new habits and beliefs and thus form new neural pathways. For example, when a coach and client try out new perspectives a new neural connection fires. And once it fires, it wires a new pathway. With homework and inquiries and support, we reinforce this new pathway until it becomes automatic, integrated and embodied.” Coaching with the Brain in Mind, David Rock and Linda Page, Ph.D.

Coaching styles are diverse, techniques including: Nero Linguistic (NLP), Systems Thinking, Constellations, Process Work and Emotional, Social and Relationship Intelligence (ESI), Co-Active Coaching, creative thinking and more. Some processed a coach uses on clients include:

  • Asking powerful and challenging questions
  • Helping identify where they are in their life now and their values
  • Create a clear vision where they want to be in the future, goals the aspire to
  • Create a plan of action and focus
  • Holding them accountable to the actions they’ve committed to
  • Increase their self-belief and confidence
  • Exploring new options and perspectives to choose from
  • All of this is explored in coaching, without judgments and assumptions.

“Reflecting on personal values, a key component to Fulfilment Coaching, provides biological and psychological protection from the adverse effects of stress.”

Co-Active Coaching and the Brain: Neuroscience Research Supports the Efficacy of the
Co-Active Model by Ann Betz, CPCC

Coaching Creates…

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Enabling You To…

  • Develop effective structures, strategies and routines to get yourself on track, follow through on projects and accomplish your goals. No more procrastination!
  • Learn effective ways to be self-motivated in order to stay focused,
  • Learn how to minimize your challenges and maximize your strengths,
  • Identify the barriers and create innovative solutions to overcome them,
  • Learn to measure and use your time and resources more efficiently,
  • Become more comfortable in creating value out of feedback you receive,
  • Become more pro-active as much as you are re-active,
  • Increase your self-awareness and self-esteem,
  • Become a dynamic self-advocate,
  • Learn to live a more balanced, richer and fuller life.


Ready To Create The Life You Want?

If you’re still reading this your likely to be ready to make a change, achieve that goal and take long lasting action. A certified coach can help you achieve this, in a structured and creative process.

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