The first time I met Donna de Kilimanjaro I heard a deep drumming beat,
That sent vibrations through my heart.
She was but a black silloutte walking towards me, in the heat of a rising sun.
Her warmth radiated from her, giving her figure a soft blur,
And yet I could see her slender figure as she took strides forward towards me,
She was as graceful as a puma yet ozed the femininity of mother earth.
As she, the Warrior Queen, a name I later affectionately started to call her,
Approached me, a tribal chant started and the drumming increased.
The beat of my heart now beating in time with the drums. Although she said nothing,
Her eyes said ‘welcome to my home, you will be one of us whilst you are here’.
Her eyes swirled with questions about where I had come from, what were my desires and my fears…
But her humility was a strength,
For she asked nothing and trusted I was here to learn about her people, their fears and their dreams.

Art Title: Donna de KiliManjaro
Art by: Mugge Jéan Davidsen Fischer & Ose del Sol (2011)
Words by: Shivani Mair (2012)


This creative writing came about after I co-presenting with Mugge Jéan Davidsen Fischer at the 2011 Marbella Business Awards, Spain. Mugge invited me to write story that came to me when I saw this amazing painting, to bring it to life. Donna de KiliManjaro is one of many beautiful paintings they’ve created as part of their World Donna’s fine art exhibition.
Image © copyright of Artenvoum

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