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We believe films are a powerful way to tell a story, spread ideas and provoke new ways of thinking. So here’s the place to find all of Creative by Nature’s films and films from other innovative people and organisations, that we think you should see.

  • How Do We Create A Lasting Learning Legacy?

How Do We Create A Lasting Learning Legacy?

Shivani Mair, who has been a Learning & Development Manager for Janssen (Johnson & Johnson’s pharmaceutical company) since 2014, a certified NeuroTransformational & Co-Active Coach, trainer and social entrepreneur, invited an audience at Hungary's largest HR conference Personal Hungary, to [...]

Our Home – Our Responsibility

If your home is on Earth seeing this incredible film may increase the chance of us keeping the very least you will feel a deeper connection to all the invisible elements that keep you alive and able to thrive. [...]

Shivani BBC London Radio New Year Inspiration

Shivani Mair, Professional Life Coach and Learning & Development Manager for Johnson & Johnson joined Sunny & Shay on BBC London 94.9FM on 4th Jan 2014, along with the TV show finalist on The Apprentice Soloman Akhtar and fitness guru [...]

Thoughts Can Change Water

This scene was taken from a mind-blowing documentary film called 'What The Bleep Do We Know?' (2004) where they showed a fascinating water molecule experiment by Dr. Masaru Emoto. Think your thoughts don't matter...think again! Would love to hear your comments, feel [...]

To Create Your Dream – You Need To Let It Go!

Shivani's video blog offers an easy 4 step formula of how she and other successful people she works with make their dreams a reality. Have a watch and give it a go! We've love to hear how you got on after [...]

Tapping Into The Best Parts Of Our Brain

Considering most human's are using less than 10% of our brain capacity, it's worth knowing how the ol nogin works - don't you agree? Now new research shows that the left and right side of our brains really do work in fascinating ways together, as opposed [...]

Difference Between Coaching, Counseling and Consultancy

Shivani explains the simple difference between coaching /  a role of a coach and other methods and roles within the world of business and self development, such as counseling  and's all to do with bikes...yes bikes, watch to find out. [...]

3 Factor That Create Better Results, In The Work Place

This amazing talk and engaging animation will prove that human motivations goes beyond giving people more money. Main take away is that there are 3 factors that lead to successful results, profit and growing talent: 1. Autonomy 2. Mastery & Challenge 3. Purpose Which of [...]

Our Peoples’ Coach™ Explained

Our Peoples’ Coach™, is a social enterprise run by Creative b Nature, that fosters positive human connections; and inspires ordinary people to make long-lasting changes, choices and actions towards creating the life they want at home and at work – through [...]

Shivani Mair’s Coach Training With CTI

Hear about Shivani's training with the world's renowned Coaches Training Institute to become a Certified Co-Active Coach (a 2-year intensive journey) which she was committed to in order to give her the professional tools, skills, credibility and the platform to [...]

Sunscreen… the wisdom will never get old.

Sunscreen, is a film that is a beautiful reminder of the things that really matter in life. So even if you’ve already seen it go ahead and watch it again – the wisdom will never get old. Voiced by Baz [...]

Being more creative with what we have

This biker trick video is a great example of how a lot of dedication, practice and creative risks can result in an amazing outcome. You may not be a biker fan or stunt fan, but you can't deny that this [...]

Create Something That Will Make The World Awesome!

We all know kids can say the best things, but this little fella goes beyond that with an inspiring message about living a full life - in the cutest way. We all need a little encouragement every now and then. Kid [...]

How Our Peoples’ Coach Flash Mob Coaching Started

The creator of the Our Peoples’ Coach™ social enterprise, is Creative by Nature’s very own Director, Shivani Mair, who is an award winning social entrepreneur, certified coach and experienced creative media producer and broadcast presenter. Watch the moment when Shivani [...]

Shivani Mair’s Impact As A Coach

Shivani has a reputation for being a fierce coach and a dynamic communicator, with an infectious ‘create the life you want’ attitude – so you can expect transformative coaching! Hear the positive impact and success stories Shivani has had on her [...]

Shivani Mair’s Interview on Jazz FM

On 29th March 2012, Michael Wilson interviewed Shivani Mair on the Jazz in the City show. Delving a little deeper into her world as a young entrepreneur and her work as a creative producer, presenter and Executive Coach. [...]

Shivani Mair’s Presenter Showreel 2011

Since 2004, Shivani's media career as a presenter she led her to interview over 450 professionals and celebrities including Pierce Brosnan, Mischa Barton, Simon Pegg, Gael Garcia Bernal, DJ Nihal, Jay Sean and Gurdas Maan. She has presented to audiences [...]

Next Generation Change The Game For Good

This is a trailer for an interactive DVD Create Yourself – Create Change, which features 5 of the top young social entrepreneurs in the UK in 2009. The film uncovers their commitment, challenges and successes to make the world a [...]

Whether you’re looking for a quick interesting read whilst on your travels, something to support your professional development or ideas to feed your soul, you’re likely to find something from our reading recommendations list, to sink into.

  • Extra Support

Extra Support

For those of you who are experiencing a really challenge issue in your life that needs professional support beyond professional and personal life coaching here are a list of statutory [...]

  • The Story Of The Warrior Queen

The Story Of The Warrior Queen

The first time I met Donna de Kilimanjaro I heard a deep drumming beat, That sent vibrations through my heart. She was but a black silloutte walking towards [...]

  • It’s Not All Bad News

It’s Not All Bad News

After watching the mainstream news it's understandable that you may feel hopeless. There is only so many times in a day you can hear about wars flaring up in another [...]

  • 1001 Ways You Can Save the Planet

1001 Ways You Can Save the Planet

This book 1001 Ways You Can Save the Planet: Practical Ideas to Heal and Change the World is one of those great bathroom books that will give you great practical [...]

  • Feed The Hungry – For Free

Feed The Hungry – For Free

If you’d like to do more to help feed the poor, but are not in a financial position to donate money or extra time to do charity work, not to [...]

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