Sponsors & Supporters

Our People’s Coach is a registered social enterprise. Although we now deliver corporate coaching services we plan to keep our street coaching sessions for the public flash mobs FREE. Our coaching flash mobs are run by 100% volunteers, and is funded by in-kind support, sponsorship and donations from business who want to support the cause, and our corporate service income.

We are thankful to the following companies who have provided financial and in-kind support, which has enabled us to deliver free speed coaching sessions to more people in society.
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Become A Financial Sponsor

You too can become a key player in helping us grow this initiative to create a positive lasting social impact on society. Your financial contribution can be as little as £50.00 upwards, depending on what you are able to donate, this is totally your choice.

Your donations can help towards paying for administration costs, team travel costs, training costs, materials costs, venue hire, a professional photographer, camera operator and editor, marketing, web maintenance and refreshments for the team who give up their valuable time for free for every event and throughout the year.

We also have some great benefits for those companies who sponsor over £500.00 including unique PR opportunities, speed coaching services for your teams and supporting you to reach your CSR agenda and targets. Let us know if this is of interest and we can provide more details.

Become An In-Kind Sponsor

Or if you want to support our efforts but would rather donate your resource, this too is as valuable as money itself.
Your in-kind support and donations would be appreciated in the following areas:

  • Food and drink to feed the volunteer Our People’s Coach Street Team™
  • Venue / meeting room use for our team briefing meetings and training
  • Printing promotional material such as postcards, sweatshirts, pens etc / t-shirts
  • Professional Photography skills – to capture the events
  • Marketing & PR help


To make a financial and in-kind donations:

Please email us and we will provide you with the bank details and send info about our sponsorship packages weare@creativeby-nature.com

Special thanks to...

A big THANK YOU to these individuals who have also donated their in-kind time, expert skills and support:

James Barnett - Videographer at Motion Artist & Designer. See James’s work

Kevin Boyd - Video Editor at Federated Films. See Kevin’s work

Jerome Bucchan Nelson- Videographer

Vanessa Champion – Photographer. See Vanessa’s Work

Cassius Frankson – Photographer. See Cassius’s Work

Carlos Mayoral – Photographer

Anthony Davies –  Videographer & Designer

Chris Emmerson – Photographer

Shivektha Kholi - Photographer

Claire Malaika Tunnacliffe - Photographer. See Claire’s work

Neha Deol- Photographer

David James Gough – Photographer. See David’s work

Tony Steel, and his amazing team at Regus for their in-kind sponsorship of meeting rooms! See their website

Jilka Newbury-Brandt – EMEA Merchandising Manager at Staples Promotions Products

Rob Purtill Chef at Johnson & Johnson High Wycombe, Sodexo

Philippe Jambon – Founder of Jeff de Bruges chocolates

Diyar Abdullah – Managing Director at Cheeky Gorgonzola

Dominic Hiatt – PR Expert at Rhizome PR

Mark Heritage – IP Lawer at Bear & Wolf IP LLP

David Clogg – Councilor, Core Trust

Sheetal Parmar – Producer, BBC Asian Network

Rekha Babber

Mozzino Coffee

Westminster Council

Lamberth & Southwalk Council

Camden Council

Newham Council

Bristol Council