It’s a very surreal and proud moment to be able to now say “I’m a TED Talker” and to share my TED talk with the you and the world, especially since the subject matter has, and continues to shape who I am, and who I am becoming.

Shivani Mair's TEDx Talk sketchMy TEDx talk Destruction That Creates A Positive Impact, it’s about my journey to creating Our Peoples’ Coach Flash Mobs™. My talk was part of a series of other talks by innovators, entrepreneurs and experts, from Germany, all of whom shared their stories of A Hero’s Journey, which was the theme of TEDxKoeln May 14th 2013 event in Germany.

A big thank you to the TEDxKoeln organizers Kereen Karst and Greta Andreas, who created such a fantastic event and brought some exceptional people and ideas in one place, in true TED style.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my TEDx talk and what you learnt from it.

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Your Take Away…

Think of one belief or attitude that is not serving you or others in your life.

Then ask yourself the question: How bad does it need to get, before I step forward to create a new belief that honours who I was born to be?

I would love to hear your thoughts, either in response to the ‘Take Away Q’ or your thoughts on this article. Please share you thoughts in the comments box below.


Photo of Shivani’s TEDx Talk

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