With a name like Shivani- which derives from the name of the Hindu God Shiva, the god of destruction – it’s not surprising that Shivani faced many personal and professional challenges that have led her to question, dismantle and redesign old beliefs and systems that she has inherited from generations before her, because she didn’t feel they supported her values, vision or provided a nurturing platform for her creativity.

Shivani’s talk will take you on a journey of her battle to balance a world of stark contradictions, and how she has rewritten the rules: to allow her to succeed in “doing good” in society whilst “doing well” as an entrepreneur; to keep the ancient traditions of her Indian heritage alive – whilst integrating as a British citizen in a modern world; and how 16 years of frustration in dealing with the mainstream media has forced her to discover her true values and lead her to take the risk of carving out her own path, in order to challenge, inspire and evoke a positive change in society