Shivani Mair, Executive Business and Life Coach CPCC, ACC & Founder of the Our Peoples’ Coach™ initiative, offered live speed coaching to listeners on Nihal’s Phone-in show on the BBC Asian Network, 27th August 2013. Listeners got a taste of what it might be like to be speed coached by the Our Peoples’ Coach Street Team™ during their coaching flash mobs.

Shivani said

“It was a great and humbling challenge for me to do live coaching on radio for the first time. Even though I’ve been coaching for 3 years and do a lot of speed coaching with strangers in public spaces through the Our Peoples’ Coach Flash Mobs™, the BBC Asian Network listeners were really courageous to share such big issues in their lives with me on air, and gave such trust for the idea that in less than 10 minute coaching sessions they would gain some new awareness, ideas, challenges or just be heard without judgment.

The lovely response from Nihal, the listeners and the production team was further evidence for me – that speed coaching can be very helpful to people who have never / will never get to experience an empowering coaching session. By offering this simple gift it can make a big difference in peoples’ lives  - which is why I’m passionate about making Our Peoples’ Coach Flash Mobs™ a success internationally”.

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