Shivani Mair, Executive Business and Life Coach CPCC, ACC, Public Speaker & Founder of the Our Peoples’ Coach™ initiative, offered new years insights and tips to motivate listeners of the BBC Asian Network to create a 2014 they want on Gagan Grewal’s Saturday Breakfast radio show on 4th January 2014.

“It was really nice having you on the show this morning Shivani! Thanks for all your tips and advice!”

. Gagan Grewal, BBC Asian Network Presenter

“It was so great having you on the show today. The texts and emails continued to come in well after you’d gone – so you were a big hit with our audience!”

Nishat Ladha, Producer for Gagan’s show BBC Asian Network


“It was a real pleasure to connect with the BBC Asian Network listeners for the 2nd time and hear their goals and aims for the start of the year. Although I only got to engage with text message and email responses I hope the tips and advice I provided were a useful starting point to help the listeners think about what’s important to them about the issue, what they want to happen and become how they currently see where they are.

The lovely response from Gagan, the listeners and the production team was further evidence for me – that speed coaching can be very helpful to people who have never / will never get to experience an empowering coaching session. By offering this simple gift it can make a big difference in peoples’ lives  - which is why I’m passionate about making Our Peoples’ Coach Flash Mobs™ a success internationally”.

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