On Friday 5th Dec the Our People’s Coach Street Team came together for the final Coaching Flash Mob of 2014, our thirteenth event in total. The international team of coaches and change makers embraced the bitter cold to bring an early Christmas gift to the people of Walthamstow, London.

Powered by Divine Chocolate, the OPC Street Team worked courageously to impact 158 people, in just 10 minutes coaching interactions. The impact? We’ll let the feedback speak for itself…

No. of people connected with: 158
No. of coaching hours: 3.5
No. of coaches: 11
No. of assistants: 6

Just a sample of feedback from the 10 minute coaching sessions…

“In one word? Brilliant! Brilliant!” Michael, Carer, 30 yrs

“The coaching made me see how I can make my situation better. The questions were amazing, I learned I need to use my voice more. What OPC are doing here is great, really inspiring” Munisa, Student 19 yrs

“I was surprised that in 10 minutes the OPC managed to read me. Maybe coaching is something missing in my life. As time goes by your dreams shrink and die. It has given me motivation to think about 1 or 2 of my dreams.” Ahmad, Laywer, 40 yrs

“It was very emotional. The OPC lifted a weight of my shoulder. He made me feel there was nothing wrong with me.” Ana, Nurse, 20 yrs

“OPC has touched me life. The beauty of it is to have a complete stranger with no agenda listening to me.” Keith, Retired Teacher, 60 yrs

“Absolutely brilliant. Helped me put a lot of things into perspective. Allowed me to become more organized and positive In a word: inspirational!” Sahir, 28 yrs

“It was enlightening. I realized I have job and life. I shouldn’t be too hard on self. It was worth being coached.” Michael

“My OPC made me cry – but it’s fine to be emotional. I learned that you should not be scared to be happy or to make other people happy.” Hanna, Fashion Designer, 25 yrs.

“It gave me a challenge and I am ready to do it. I feel warm and connected!” Marija, Pub Worker, 23 yrs

“It was brilliant, I liked the questions; I have got a new perspective.” Axkos, 24 yrs

“I loved the session!My OPC was very patient, he coached perfectly. I am brave and I didn’t know it!” Carolina, student

Check out the actions and commitments the ‘coachees’ made for their life, as a result of being coached by Our Peoples’ Coach Street Team™ in past coaching flash mobs and the positive feedback of their experience.

Photos of the day

Photos taken by Cassius Frankson (Firemen, Photographer Extraordinare and Dad)