On Fri 23rd May 2014, Our People’s Coach Street Team celebrated International Coaching Week 2014 their first (of many) ‘out of London’ flash mobs (ninth OPC event in total and second event this week) in the centre of Bristol UK.

During the morning briefing, and final training at the Bristol Folk House, the Bristol Our People’s Coach Street Team were faced with a slight problem and another first…the heavens opened and there was a down pour of rain, which didn’t deter the team, who were determined to see if we could create as many powerful human connections in a 10 minute session in the rain! The Bristol team were a brave bunch and were powered by Divine Chocolate.

The rain persisted throughout the day and after being faced with cold winds we decided to end early, but not after making a valuable impact.

Just a sample of feedback from the 10 minute coaching sessions with the people of Bristol

Many had never even heard of coaching before, and in the rain it will certainly have been a unique experience…

“Lovely. I feel uplifted. Nice to talk about goals and passions.” Caroline 27 yrs

“Very beautiful. It made a big difference to me. I’m so glad that I stopped” Krysia 35 yrs

“Fabulous! It helped make some really good decisions.” Sasha, 51 yrs

“The impact of the speed coaching was feeling I can be a better person. It was surprising to find a solution in 10 minutes! Coaching affirmed the belief that I got the solution in me and it was there all the time. “ Kong

“My coach was positive and encouraging. He sent me to places where I can find what I need to do and encouraged me to be ready and to take the next step.” Alvaro

“That was really interesting that a stranger could be helpful. I’ve learnt I need to act.” Emily 17 yrs

“Really nice coach and easy to speak to. I now what I want and will be working on getting that management role. I enjoyed it!” Sarah, 48 yrs

No. of people connected with: 46
No. of coaching hours: 2
No. of coaches: 8
No. of assistants: 5

Check out the actions and commitments the ‘coachees’ made for their life, as a result of being coached by Our Peoples’ Coach Street Team™ in past coaching flash mobs and the positive feedback of their experience.

Photos of the day

Photos by Chris Emmerson