On Saturday 30th August and Our People’s Coach Flash Mob came to Birmingham for the first time. Local coaches and change makers joined the Our People’s Coach Street Team to offer the locals  a gift of coaching and kindness, and for some it may be a gift that will last with them for a life time.

Powered by Divine Chocolate, the OPC Street Team (regulars an 1st timers) worked seamlessly, to  impact 140 people, during our eleventh OPC Flash Mob, and our second event outside of London making a positive impact on 140 people in Birmingham’s Victoria Square through free speed coaching sessions, from the homeless and students, to professionals and tourists.

No. of people connected with: 140
No. of coaching hours: 3.5
No. of coaches: 10
No. of assistants: 5

Just a sample of feedback from the 10 minute coaching sessions…

“That was inspiring!I learnt not to hold back and let go of the past. Really appreciated the coaching sessions.” Limar 26 yrs

“Not like anything I’ve ever done before. I feel calmer about the situation, it feels more manageable.” Mary 19 yrs

“Surprisingly very good. 10 minutes of an open and structured conversation. It’s a start to change.” John 22 yrs

“I got a big reminder of where i am and want to be. I’m very touched by the experience.” Shafie 24 yrs

“It brought back focus, a goal in my life. I feel like the spark has come back.” Arindam 40 yrs

“I’ve realized i am brave. I’m now inspired to take action. It really made me smile.” Olga 20 yrs

“I learnt not to give up. It was powerful.” Luca 30 yrs

“Really interesting and made me think differently. I now know exactly what i need and whay to have it. I’m grateful to my OPC, who was lovely, empathetic and helpful.” Pilar 36 yrs

“It was so positive and enlightening. The OPC Street team will do more impact than they know!” Abdul 29 yrs

Check out the actions and commitments the ‘coachees’ made for their life, as a result of being coached by Our Peoples’ Coach Street Team™ in past coaching flash mobs and the positive feedback of their experience.

Photos of the day

Neha Deol and OPC Team