After watching the mainstream news it’s understandable that you may feel hopeless. There is only so many times in a day you can hear about wars flaring up in another country, mass torture of innocent people,  politicians  rowing (constantly) over a policy, the economy crashing and the the general dark side of human kind. Don’t get me wrong I don’t negate that these are important issues that we need to know about, however but we have all seen glimpses of amazing people around us doing jaw dropping things – where are these people in our mainstream media? Until now it would have been hard to answer to this questions.

We rarely see good news that exposes us the the amazing work so many human beings are doing around the planet from creating new technology that improves our lives forever, or people who have turned around a bad personal situation into helping inspire and support the lives of 1000′s or the growing groups of people who all come together to do something just out of kindness in order to make a positive change in their communities.

The good news is, this old way of news reporting is changing fast, thanks to innovative journalism. There are more and more websites, TV shows, and radio stations that are highlighting the amazing, inspiring and down right hopeful actions and stories from real people from around the world.

Positive News in the UK is just one newspaper and online news site that celebrates human kind, click here to go to the site.

If you’ve got any other positive news sites, videos, TV/online channels you enjoy getting inspired by we’d love to hear about them, do share the links in the comments below.