Shivani Mair, who has been a Learning & Development Manager for Janssen (Johnson & Johnson’s pharmaceutical company) since 2014, a certified NeuroTransformational & Co-Active Coach, trainer and social entrepreneur, invited an audience at Hungary’s largest HR conference Personal Hungary, to strip learning and development back to basics, and experience the benefits of what she calls ‘micro-learning moments’. The audience enjoyed this interactive keynote speech, where Shivani aims to expand the audience’s mind and sharpen their focus to what really helps and what hinders human performance.

Shivani offers practical approaches that will help you create a lasting learning legacy, to positively impact your people – long after they’ve left the ‘training room’.

Explore the results Shivani’s teams are clients have gained from ‘micro-learning moments’ platforms including: speed-coaching, bitesize learning through technology, peer-to-peer learning and the application of basic neuroscience.

Shivani also explores how these simple approaches can be applied to your work and organisation – without excessive investment of your money, your time or your brain power. The return on investment? Create a rich learning culture for your people that propels business performance, attracts talent and transforms human growth.

Warning: dormant learning forces may come alive.