It”s your LAST CHANCE to  receive a powerful speed coaching session from the Our People’s Coach Street Team™ for FREE!
The final day of the biggest speed coaching flash mob takes place:

Saturday 30th Nov 10:45 – 16:00 @ Neal Street London, UK (2 mins from Covent Garden)

Pass this opportunity onto people you care for in London!

Our People’s Coach Street Team™  have already impacted the lived of  350 people this  week on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th November  - in less than 8 hours!

We can’t wait to share the mountain of breathe taking feedback from the unsuspecting Londoners and travellers who we coached and connected with. So many people moved to tears and genuinely excited and grateful for the expert skills, generosity and courage the Our People’s Coach Street Team™ offered on he cold streets of London, UK.

Weldone OPC Street Team Pegasus Pod, PPH Pod, The Pulse Pod and Thanks Giving On A Mission Pod.

Real Challenge. Real Coaching. Real Change

Find out more about the story, successes so far, aims and meet the team here Our People’s Coach Street Team

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