Shivani is offering an exclusive FREE coaching session for TWO – either siblings, friends, partners, business partners or colleagues who would like to improve their relationship together.

Please read the below and if you and your partner want to be considered email yours and your partner’s: names, ages, relationship type and area of desired improvement to weare[at] by Jan 20th.

The Opportunity:

On Thursday 30th Jan, between 18:30 – 20:30 GMT, Shivani will deliver a 45-60 minute relationship coaching session, 2 people, over Skype or in person (if based in London UK).

You can be from from the UK or abroad.

Shivani is embarking on the next level of her professional coach training with ORSC –  Organisation Relationship Systems Coaching for: business teams, groups and families. As part of my training I need to deliver a coaching session using my new ORSC skills. See below for more details on how ORSC works and the benefits.

Please pass this opportunity on to those you know who may benefit.

Note: Sadly, Shivani cannot work with my close friends or family because of conflict of interest.


Organization & Relationship Systems at Work Explained

Constant change is the new norm. Thanks to the internet which facilitates global collaboration 24/7, work that was once performed by individuals is now being tasked to teams. The increase in numbers of knowledge workers who must share information, insights, learning and best practices in order for companies to succeed, further stresses communication channels.

So how can organizations create a work environment that supports complex human interactions, embraces conflict, retains valuable knowledge workers and change at the speed of light while remaining profitable and productive?

Relationship Systems Intelligence

Beyond Emotional Intelligence (relationship with oneself), and Social Intelligence (relationship with other) lies Relationship Systems Intelligence where the focus is on the entire group, team or system.

This approach has been effectively applied in family and marital therapy for decades, and is now being brought into the realm of work teams and organizations with positive results.