Success Created For Our Corporate Clients

Janssen“My sincere thanks for the session Our People’s Coach ran with the HLP Network in July 2014. I really enjoyed it. The session was stimulating, thought provoking, and a good refresher on coaching. The trainers’ approach with the group was spot on. They were clear, confident, competent and credible.”

        Simon White | Head of Learning & Development at Janssen-Cilag Ltd (Pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson. UK


Janssen“The value I got from the Our People’s Coach training session was an awareness of new approaches in coaching. The trainers were impactful, bright, open-minded, approachable, observant and positive. It generated my interest to seek out a coach for myself personally.”

        Christina Herring | EMEA MAF Learning & Development Manager t Janssen-Cilag Ltd (Pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson. UK


Boehringer Ingelheim“From the Our People’s Coach training the valuable learning was the power of listening and good questions, rather than always going to action or offering advice. The trainers were very credible, inspiring, passionate and engaging.”

Rebecca Harrison | Senior Talent & Development Adviser at Boehringer Ingelheim. UK


Boehringer Ingelheim“It was great to see how effective a short coaching session can be. Love the idea of coaching flash mobs. The Our People’s Coach trainers were very interactive and engaging.”

Emma Flower | Talent Advisor at Boehringer Ingelheim. UK

Allergan“The Our People’s Coach workshop offered a new model to approach coaching with. It also made me think about how I define my goals and establish milestones plus the steps needed. I found the facilitators motivational and highly experienced.”

Mark Wilson | Country Training Manager at Allergan. UK

mundipharma“The Our People’s Coach workshop was valuable because it reminded me about good coaching questions, which was useful as I would like to prioritise this skill to benefit the business.”

        Tara Forde | European Learning & Development Specialist at Munipharma. UK

Vifor“From the Our People’s Coach workshop I learned the power of questioning and listening over providing a solution. The trainers had a good open style which enables sharing of ideas and a relaxed setting. “

Chris Phillips | Training Manager at Vifor Pharma. UK

Sanofipasteur“The value of the Our People’s Coach workshop was the learning that you don’t need to spend an hour plus for a coaching session, 10 minutes can be just as valuable. The trainers were easy to understand, relaxed and had a friendly style.”

        Ann Preston | Director, Human Resources at Sanofi Pasteur M&D. UK

Grunenthal“The value I got from the interactive Our People’s Coach workshop was making time for coaching – evn 10 minutes is valuable.”

        Mark Harbour | Head of Learning & Development at Grunethal. UK

ICF“Our People’s Coach™ founder Shivani Mair, facilitated a very unique, energetic and successful coach training and flash mob session for 38 experienced coaches, from around the world, during ICF’s Global 2012 conference, London. All participant’s (public and coaches alike) said they thoroughly enjoyed, learnt a great deal and were inspired by the experience. I highly recommend the Our People’s Coach Flash Mob™ program to any coaching organizations who are looking for a unique opportunity for professional development and engagement for their events and conferences.”

Denise Stenzel | Events Manager at International Coach Federation (ICF). USA


ICF UK“Our People’s Coach™ ran a ‘flash mob’ street coaching session for us at ICF Global 2012 which was great fun and really successful. The trainer Shivani worked with 35 + delegates from around the world who were attending ICF Global 2012 – the first ICF international conference to be held outside North America, and which had SOLD OUT. The feedback from all the coaches involved was really positive and each enjoyed the experience. Plus many members of the public enjoyed their first ever experience of coaching.
 Shivani was really engaging, helpful and professional. Her brief ‘training’ was clear and concise, and the de-brief afterwards was valuable for all. Shivani was a delight throughout.”

Kathryn Pope | Executive Coach, PCC, Chair of ICF Global Conference 2012 & Former ICF UK President. UK