During the 20th ECCC Co-Active Community Day in London on the 8th Nov 2013  (in it’s 10th year) the Our People’s Coach Founding Director Shivani Mair was invited to deliver a fun, interactive and unique coach training session, inspired by the successes of the coaching flash mob initiative Our Peoples’ Coach™, in which coaches create powerful human interactions through speed coaching sessions with random people, in public spaces.

Over 20 certified and coaches in training from around Europe participated in the A Lot Can Happen in A Flash workshop which was a 1.5 hour workshop and series of speed-coaching rounds, which was co-facilitated by Our People’s Coach Co-Director Steve Colson.

“Great to see intuition work so fast. Speed Coaching is really powerful”
Workshop participant feedback

“I really enjoyed failing and finding 2% truth in everything”
Workshop participant feedback

“I now trust using my intuition more and get getting to the point when I see it”
Workshop participant feedback

The Workshop Was Designed To Help Coaches Test & Refine These Co-Active Coaching Skills:

A lot Can Happen In A Flash Workshop 2 smaller

  1. Turn the volume up and give some bass to the key co-active skills that are needed for effective speed-coaching, such as intuition, self management, level 2,3 listening, and powerful Q’s.
  2. Discover assumptions and challenge that they had, that have got in their way and stopped them from not only creating long lasting coaching but also in building their coaching business.
  3. Dance barefoot and on hot coals within their coaching discomfort zones (metaphorically speaking, of course).


Participants Also Gained:

A lot Can Happen In A Flash Workshop 2 smaller

  • Feeling more comfortable in offering effective 10-minute ‘on-the spot’ sessions in use at a given situation, and create more memorable sample coaching sessions that lead to more clients sign ups.
  • Experiencing a deeper understanding of how using key co-active coaching skills: intuition, powerful questioning, level 2 and 3 listening, dancing in moment and self-management can take their coaching to a new level and make a big impact, even in a short space of time.
  • Becoming aware of their limiting assumptions that they / we have created, and discovering new ways to kick those assumptions to the curb, in order to better serve their clients, their life and attract more clients that they may not have otherwise have connected with.
  • Taking away effective tips and actions to play with and implement into their coaching work immediately.
  • Having a lot of fun getting messy, being courageous and stepping up the pace to experience the power of speed-coaching, without compromising the deep connection, quality and ethic values.
    See what the participants had to say in the below photo gallery.

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    There were other wonderful speakers and workshop leaders running sessions from the Co-Active  coaching community, all ofwhom also gave up their time and skills for free to share their wisdom and expertise from their work as a coach, to deliver their sessions to the 80 plus participants.