If you are an existing member of the OPC Street Team it’s now time for you to stretch those coaching skills to another level and bring the gift of listening, powerful questions and inspiring challenge to those who would appreciate it in society. As well as gaining 9 CPD credits, 9 CCUEs and coaching hours.

We hope to run 2-3 OPC events between August – October in London, but only if we get enough commitment from you, the team on the proposed dates.

For us to secure OPC events this year you need to register all the dates you’d like to be involved via the OPC Doodle Diary by July 25th.

Dates will be booked & confirmed once we’ve received all your interests.

Please hold these dates in your diary for now!

We have decided to run this years OPC events with existing OPC members only. New members will be invited to join 2016 events. Sorry for any disappointment.

Good news for existing members, you will only have to…

  1. Register via OPC Doodle Diary by July 25th (not Eventsbrite)
  2. Attend a short briefing call for the team: to connect, confirm details and your Qs
  3. Renew your annual membership, ONLY if you’re annual membership has exceeded a year (£50 coaches / £30 for assistants). We will let you know if this is the case

For more info go to the About OPC and Get Involved page.



Build Up Your ‘OPC-Cred’

Every time you participate in an OPC Flash Mob you will collect an honorary star to celebrate your contribution to making a real difference to society through the OPC initiative. Who knows where these stars will lead to in the future.

To see how many stars you’ve collected Go to Meet the Team page



OPC Successes to date

1768 lives have been positively impacted by OPC Street Team since OPC started!

135 coaches and change makers make up the OPC Street Team coming from all around the world, within corporations and small enterprises, bringing several coaching skills and learning and development credentials to the streets.

14 flash mobs completed, in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Brighton and Derby.

40 + international coaching communities have been inspired by what we’ve created. There are now street coaching groups popping up in cities and towns all around the world from the US, Canada, Germany, France, Greece and several other countries, as a direct result of Our People’s Coach success.

9 in-kind sponsors. We’re grateful to have a growing in-kind sponsorship and donations from Divine Chocolate, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Staples, Regusand a several others.

Check out the full growing list of supporters and sponsors on the Sponsors & Supporters page