About Creative By Nature

Creative By Nature Ltd was founded in 2009 and we exist to improve and transform lives, so that people can create the life they desire at home, at work and in our society.
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Our Founding Director Shivani Mair, is an award winning social entrepreneur, certified professional coach and previously worked a media broadcast professional. She is currently a Learning and Development Manager for the largest global healthcare company Johnson & Johnson and a founder of the first ever coaching flash mob initiative Our People’s Coach™.

Depending on the need, Shivani collaborates with her growing network of associate partners, all of whom have an expertise in excelling individual development and organisational success, yet all have a different specialism and approach to ensuring we can have thriving minds, bodies and spirits. This network all share the same passion for important issues of our time: creating effective and cohesive workplaces – that result in long term business successes; environmental sustainability an human transformation.

Our Mission Is To Help Our Clients:

  • Maximise their innate creative skills and natural talents, in order to increase success.
  • Increase their resourcefulness, in order to better utilise their existing finances, time and networks.
  • ‘Do well AND do good’

Our Services

1. Effective Communications Coaching with Shivani:

Receive coaching and mentoring from certified communications coach Shivani Mair, to help you become an effective public speaker and communicator for an upcoming camera, stage or event presentation. In addition, you can choose to have a professional and branded video or audio podcast of you presenting produced, to strengthen your marketing. Get more info here >>

2. Coach Match Services:

Get yourself, your employees or your team matched with one of our associate certified coaches who specialise in different business and personal life subjects, and receive one-to-one, group and team coaching.
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3. Speed Coaching With The Our Peoples’ Coach Team™:

Our sister company Our People’s Coach Group CIC, is a social enterprise that creates a positive impact on society and provides unique training for professional coach development. A dedicated street team of certified coaches deliver coaching flash mobs, in streets across the UK, throughout the year for FREE. They also deliver powerful speed coaching services within organisations and for events, using the successful OPC model.

4. Event Facilitation, Hosting and Presenting with Shivani:

Creating real impact for your audience with expert public speaker and presenter Shivani Mair as your host / facilitator. Get more details here >>

5. FREE inspiration, thought provoking ideas and challenges:


Who We Work With

We are passionate about working specifically with individuals, businesses and groups who care about and/or are leading social change and environmental sustainability projects, and enabling them to create long term successes for themselves and society, locally and at large. We love to work with social entrepreneurs and thought leaders, or company with strong CSR and employee development aims.

Our Present & Previous Clients