Our People’s Coach™ Explained

Our People’s Coach™ Group CIC is a social enterprise based in the UK, that creates a positive impact on society and provides unique training for professional coach development. Our mission is to foster positive human connections, and inspire ordinary people to take long-lasting actions – to create the extraordinary life they want at home and at work, especially at a time in history where so many are struggling financially, emotionally and spiritually.

Our signature initiative is the orginal coaching flash mobs – delivered by Our People’s Coach Street Team™ are a dedicated collective of 100+ professionally trained business and personal life coaches, who volunteer their time to be trained to deliver speed coaching sessions to members of the public at random, in city spaces, for FREE!
The team’s clients include BBC, IBM, NHS, Vodaphone, Telefonica, Unilever, HSBC, PwC, AXA, Nokia, Boots, John Lewis, Johnson & Johnson, Waitrose, Harrods, Sony BMG Music, BT, British Gas, Network Rail, TFL and KPMG.
We also deliver a range of powerful speed coaching services for organisations’ teams and events, using the successful OPC model.

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Society’s Needs:

  1. Breakdown in sense of community and trust = increased societal tension and social division.
  2. Recession and rising cost of living = a rise in personal debt and stress related illnesses.
  3. Burn out for city professionals = increase of stress related illnesses and decreased of average life expectancy.
  4. Feeling of loneliness, low self esteem and self worth = rising in alcoholism, substance abuse, physical health issues including obesity and mental health issues including depression, anxiety and cancer.


Our Solution To The Needs:

As a collective of coaching experts and change-makers we deliver:

  1. Speed coaching flash mobs in public city places

  2. A range of powerful speed coaching services for organisational teams, employees and events

  • Accessible acts of kindness and support: that has proved to give many hope, inspiration and a reminder that there are many good people doing good things, and committed making a positive change even though it’s not mentioned in the press.
  • Valuable time to STOP in your busy life: just for 10 minutes and hear yourself think and slow down before you burn out.
  • A safe platform to be heard: and discuss your challenges and dreams within a confidential set up.
  • The space to become aware: of where you are now, understand where you want to be and see more clearly about how to get there.
  • Receive effective coaching tools and expert guidance: to help you tap into your inner wisdom, explore new perspectives and feel empowered to choose actions that provide long-lasting change.


Our Impact On The People So Far:

So far, the Our People’s Coach Street Team™ have delivered free speed / power coaching sessions to hundreds (soon to be thousands) of people from diverse backrounds, from business executives and the homeless, to students and tourists. The Our People’s Coach Street Team™ are all passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and want to do something out of kindness and to strengthen human connections in society.

Our success has now inspired other coaches and coaching organisations in over 40 cities globally to run coaching flash mobs in their communities, countries include: Ireland, USA, Canada, Poland, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Uruguay, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy Dubai, India and South Korea and the list continues to grow. Making our dream and efforts to make a difference on a global scale a reality.

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Read more positive stories from the ‘coachees’ and the Street Team here>>


Our Big Vision & Three Aims:

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    a) Empowering thousands of people each year to stop in their busy lives to think, be heard, tackle their challenges and take long-lasting actions to improve their physical and mental wellbeing in areas of: health, finances, relationships, career, dreams and aspirations. Maximising their talents and supporting them to become the extraordinary people they were born to be, at home and at work. Many of whom may never get access to such a high level of coaching in their lifetime.
    b) To create powerful human connections and community cohesion through this act of kindness, in which the challenges of modern day living has become increasingly strenuous on people’s personal well-being, which then ripples outward to cause societal tensions and a sense of a broken community.



    To provide a fantastic Learning & Development / Continuing Professional Development opportunity for coaches who are both established and in-training: to really test their existing coaching skills in an unpredictable environment; as well as growing and refining their masterful coaching skills, whilst making a difference to society.



    a) Raise awareness amongst the public: of what coaching is and is not, and dispelling the myths.
    b) Increase access to the benefits of professional coaching to all and develop coaching best practices.
    c) Most importantly, to raise the standards and self-regulation within the coaching sector itself, especially since it is currently not a formally regulated industry, and many more people continue to call themselves a ‘coach’ without going through rigorous training or abiding by any professional ethics and standards. This initiative also showcases the best personal and business coaches in the UK, all of whom have diverse coaching disciplines and delivery styles.


How Our People’s Coach Flash Mobs™ Work

Our People's Coach Flash Mob Nov 13Throughout the year, coaches and assistants are recruited and trained to create the Our People’s Coach Street Team™. We come together in random and secret public spaces around different UK cities, to create a Our People’s Coach Flash Mob™ to make mass change.

For these coaching flash mob events, the coaches give up their valuable time and expert coaching skills on a voluntary basis, to deliver FREE 10-minute speed / power coaching sessions to members of the public, on a professional or personal challenge or goal they are facing, many of those we coach may never get the chance to experience the powerful impact of professional coaching.

‘Speed / power coaching’ doesn’t actually mean fast in speed or surface level – far from it – we actually use refined coaching skills to identify the coachee’s focus and get to the heart of there matter in a very short space of time. Many people report their surprise at how spacious and in-depth their speed coaching session felt.

There are many ways to get involved: whether you want to join the team, find out where the next flash mobs is taking place, become a sponsor or delivery partner. Find out more here >>

See the Brighton OPC Flash Mob in action…


The Benefits For Coaches & Assistants

There are many reasons why professional coaches and change makers travel far and wide to take part in this unique opportunity, giving up their precious free time. For many, this is a practical chance to put their coaching skills to the acid test, refine the impact they can make in just 10 minutes speed coaching in an unpredictable environment. For most, it’s about being part of creating a positive impact on people’s lives, one person at a time, which is more valuable then giving money to charity – because they see the results of their coaching skills and kindness there, in that moment.

Hear it from those who’ve already taken part…


Book the Our People’s Coach Team™

As a social enterprise we now deliver a range of professional speed / power coaching services at events, for team and within the work place, including coaching flash mobs.

Please contact us to request more info email us to request more information or call us on +44 (0) 20 3286 7764.
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How Are Our People’s Coach Flash Mobs™ Funded:

Our corporate coaching services are a growing source of income, that pay for us to continues delivering for free speed coaching sessions to the public.
We also have an amazing volunteer team who help us organise the events; growing in-kind sponsorship from national/local businesses and individuals; all other running costs are sponsored by our sister company Creative by Nature Ltd.. See who are amazing supporters are Sponsors & Supporters page.


How It All Started…

The creator of the Our People’s Coach™ is Creative by Nature’s Director, Shivani Mair, who is an award winning social entrepreneur, certified coach and experienced creative media producer and broadcast presenter. Watch the moment when Shivani became the first Our People’s Coach™ in 2011…

TEDx Talk About Shivani’s Journey To Create OPC, May 2013

Shivani’s First Attempts to Speed Coach the Public…


Coaching Sector Praise and Support

This is brilliant, clear and so beautifully accessible to all.
Henry Kimsey-House, Co-Founder of The Coaches Training Institute USA (CTI)

“Shivani ran an OPC Flash Mob at ICF Global 2012 which was great fun and really successful. The feedback from all the coaches involved was really positive.”
Kathryn Pope, Coach PCC, Chair of ICF Global Conference 2012 Steering Committee

“How exciting! What a wonderful way to expose more people to coaching.”
Lindsay Bodkin, ICF Director of Brand Management

“We are so pleased that you are running a Flash Mob during ICW. It is a great sign that the significance of honouring coaching that week has real traction.”
Debbie Rynda, Finance Director ICF UK Chapter – International Coach Federation