It’s May 15th 2013 and I’m sitting on a plane from Koeln (Germany) to London (UK) the day after delivering my talk at TEDxKoeln, and I’m flying. Not just literally but emotionally. The whole process of being part of has been such a blessing, right from being invited as a speaker for the TEDx platform; writing my talk; to connecting with the wonderfully gracious TEDx organisers, speakers and 200 strong audience.

The theme of the TEDxKoeln 2013 event was ‘A Hero’s Journey’. I was invited as a speaker because of the organisers wanted to recognised my journey in creating the coaching flash mob concept – Our Peoples’ Coach Flash Mob™.

Shivani Mair TEDx Destruction Creates A Positive ImpactThe title of my TEDx talk was ‘Destruction That Creates A Positive Impact.’
I won’t reveal the full content I will let you hear the talk for yourself. The video and speech manuscript will be published on Shivani’s insights page, as soon as it becomes available on

What I will say, is that my talk uncovers:

1) How key events in my life forced me to destroy old beliefs and attitudes I inherited, in order to create new ones that honoured my values and passions.
2) How I turned around my career failures into my biggest successes.
3) How all this, led to the vision and and creation of Our Peoples’ Coach flash mob concept.

TEDx Talk Highlights:

Shivani Mair TEDx SpeakerA) I got to share my experience of how destruction is sometimes necessary, in order to create a positive impact, which has become a theme that has and is continuing to shape my professional and personal life.
Most importantly I got to share my believe that media has an important part to play in showing as many inspiring human stories, as it does negative ones. My argument: media should be measured on the positive impact they are creating as well as just ratings. And that they are more likely to engage a larger audience if they create more shows encourage and celebrate human creativity, resilience and kindness.

tedx shivani mair michael zelbel 9760 B) I got the unique opportunity to connect, laugh and inspire with other everyday heroes from Germany – who are really wonderful examples of how taking control of becoming the people we were born to be, can be done is so many ways. They are living proof that you can create your own path of success, which honours your values and talents.

C) I feel honoured to now be one of the thousands of amazing innovators and thinkers featured on the ground breaking speakers platform (which I have been a fan for 5 years).

tedx shivani mair michael zelbel 9779D) I have enjoyed 10 plus years of event hosting, but the electric connection and respect I felt with the TEDx audience whilst I was sharing my failures and achievements was a powerful experience that exceeds any other event I have spoken at.
TEDxKoeln 2013 Shivani Mair

Your Take Away…

If you were a TED talker (forgetting the actual content for now) what would be the lasting legacy you hope your speech would leave on your audience?

I would love to hear your thoughts, either in response to the ‘Take Away Q’ or your thoughts on this article. Please share you thoughts in the comments box below.