The biggest coaching flash mob ever to take place is now complete!

Through the bone biting cold and rush of Christmas shoppers, travelers and busy professionals the Our People’s Coach Street Team speed coached and had valuable conversations with over 500 people for free on Carnarby Street and Neal Street on November 27th, 28th and 30th 2013.

ITV Article Miserable LondonersBringing some hope, inspiration and practical help to hundreds of ‘miserable Londoners’, as described by Office of National Statistics, in their recent study, which revealed the inner city Londoners are ranked the most miserable and dissatisfied with life from the whole of the UK, with 1 out of 5 people saying they suffered from high anxiety. See the full news article

“That was amazing! Our People’s Coach made me focus on what the real issue was and when I did the issue just went away.”

“Our People’s Coach Anne made me focus on what the real issue was and when I did the issue just went away.”

“That was really overwhelming. Being speed coached was a good opportunity to think about my life, become more appreciative of what my heart says. Speed coaching really worked for me.

Imagine if each of those 500 people takes that spark of new hope, empowerment or appreciation to their partners, kids, friends, neighboroughs, colleagues and families – the legacy spreads beyond the source.

We’ve captured lots of amazing feedback from coachees and received lot of thanks and support for the value of what the team is offering to make a positive difference on society, through FREE speed coaching.

All the wonderful coachee feedback, the Our People’s Coach Street Team’s feedback as well as the photos and video footage is being added to the site

Welldone to all the fabulous Coaches and Assistants on the OPC Street Team, all 37 of whom braced the cold and gave up their valuable and skills for free – you all did us very proud!