What better way to celebrate International Coaching Week in May, then for a diverse range of 7 experienced coaches provide random people of London a chance to experience the power of coaching, for FREE. We were excited to welcome 5 new members to the OPC Street Team, all courageously committed to connecting with as many people they could and put their coaching skills to the test, by delivering 10 minutes free speed coaching sessions, as well as informing people about what professional coaching is, and what it is not.

It was a busy sunny weekday in London’s Carnaby Street in Soho, flooded with working professionals, tourists and visitors. There was a significant number of people who were at first stumped, even skeptical by the fact there really was ‘no catch’ to our offer to provide them free speed coaching on a personal/professional topic of their choice. Many we spoke to said they found OPC’s gift of kindness to make a positive difference through coaching very refreshing and heart-warming. There was also some valuable learnings for our coaches who experienced their internal stories and challenges playing out in front of them on the streets of London – demonstrating their own bravery to step outside their own comfort zones – for the sake of making a positive difference to others.

No. of people connected with: 145
No. of coaching hours: 4
No. of coaches: 7
No. of assistants: 1

Just a sample of feedback from the 10 minute FREE coaching sessions…

“That was amazing! Better than the 2 years of therapy I’ve been having. My OPC drew out things I couldn’t. Thank you!”
Kamila, 38 years old

“I enjoyed moving around during the coaching. I learnt the power of slowing down and listening to myself more. I was meant to meet OPC today – I felt sad, happy and relieved all at once.”
Celia, 32 years old

“I am surprised I felt so able to open up so quickly. I am happier. Support Really timely. Very excited about my future.”
Simone, 23 years old

“Great to dance back and forth with my ideas and feedback. Realised my situation is not as bad as I thought and I’ve been too hard on myself.”
Melissa, 30 years old

“Really helpful to break an overwhelming activity into smaller sections – next steps feel more doable and I feel more confident. The coaching was a really good and constructive process.”
Niall, 31 years old

“The OPC made a great connection and made it so easy. So pleased I was able to do this.”
Heather, 31 years old

“OPC’s ethos was great, I really appreciate the speed coaching. We all need guidance. Lovely OPC gleaned so much from her quickly/”
Anthunun, 22 years old

Check out the actions and commitments the ‘coachees’ made for their life, as a result of being coached by Our Peoples’ Coach Street Team™ in past coaching flash mobs and the positive feedback of their experience.

Photos of the day

Photos taken by Rita Abreu