On a summer’s day on 2nd Sept 2017, the Our People’s Coach Street Team welcomed 5 new coaches and aspiring coaches to bring the magic of speed street coaching to the unsuspecting people on the streets of Woolwich Arsenal, London.
Woolwich Arsenal is a diverse and growing mix of affluent young professionals and gang culture, regeneration and deprivation, with people from all cultures and backgrounds moving through the centre all day long.

It soon became clear how many people felt unseen or unheard, and happy to connect with an Our People’s Coach and grateful to stop and explore what was important to them without judgment or expectation. Many stories the Our People’s Coaches heard were humbling, inspiring and a demonstration of our intiate human desire to thrive in life. We as Our People’s Coaches were luckily enough to support and witness many people connect to what they value most, claim back their power and committing to motivating actions, through our 18th OPC Street Coaching Flash Mob.

No. of people connected with: 83
No. of coaching hours: 4
No. of coaches: 3
No. of assistants: 4

Just a sample of feedback from the 10 minute FREE coaching sessions…

The OPC Street Team should be here everyday!” Thando, 32 years old

“I feel really uplifted. Can’t believe how a complete stranger can know what your thinking. Our People’s Coach really lovely and honest” Chikeria, 18 years old

“I feel empowered” Jonny, 56 years old

“Wonderful to speak with someone with some knowledge, who helped me imagine myself in the future – I could see myself as a teacher and future leader. I reached a conclusion from thew coaching – I will never to let go of my dream to teach” Philip, 47 years old

“The OPC made me realise I can do more that I thought.” Jenny, 37 years old

“I feel more purposeful.” Simon, 47 years old

“I have never encountered an organisation who help people discover their potential” Juan, 47 years old

“Although strange opening up to someone I didn’t know at first, the coaching session was really good and helpful” Marco, 50 years old

Check out the actions and commitments the ‘coachees’ made for their life, as a result of being coached by Our Peoples’ Coach Street Team™ in past coaching flash mobs and the positive feedback of their experience.

Photos of the day

Photos taken by Steve Kitchener