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Welcome to Creative By Nature Ltd, which exists to improve and transform the lives of human beings, so that they can create the life they really want at home and at work, through coaching services and inspiring media production.
Founding Director Shivani Mair and her team are passionate about working specifically with individuals, business organisations and their employees, along with groups who care about and are leading social change and environmental sustainability business and projects, and enabling them to create long term successes, for themselves and society.

Our Mission Is To Help:

  • Maximise people’s initiate creative skills and natural talents
  • Create resourcefulness in people, in regards to their existing finances, time and networks
  • Inform, inspire and challenge a mass audience, by bringing important messages to life using digital media

We Achieve This Using Our Three Key Services:

  1. Business & Personal Life Coaching for private individuals, employees within business organisations and groups/teams
  2. Our Peoples’ Coach™ - is a social enterprise, providing professional coach development and training towards speed coaching initiatives such as coaching flash mobs and events and organizational speed coaching services.
  3. Media production and creative project management.

We Also Provide FREE Inspiration, Thought Provoking Ideas & Challenges:

Recently Added

  • OPC Street Team Call Out April 2014
    Q&A With Our People’s Coach Flash Mobs™ Survivors

Q&A With Our People’s Coach Flash Mobs™ Survivors

Thought about taking part in our coaching flash mobs and then held back? Now’s your chance to get the REAL FACTS and ask the ‘Our People’s Coach Flash Mob Survivors’ (coaches and assistants) your burning questions directly on April […]

By |March 14th, 2014|CBN News, OPC News

To Create Your Dream – You Need To Let It Go!

Shivani’s video blog offers an easy 4 step formula of how she and other successful people she works with make their dreams a reality. Have a watch and give it a go!

We’ve love to hear how you got on […]

  • Free coaching offer for 2
    FREE coaching session for TWO – RSVP Jan 20th

FREE coaching session for TWO – RSVP Jan 20th

Shivani is offering an exclusive FREE coaching session for TWO – either siblings, friends, partners, business partners or colleagues who would like to improve their relationship together.

Please read the below and if you and your partner want to be […]

By |January 13th, 2014|CBN News

Shivani Mair Interviewed on Gagan’s BBC AN Radio Show Jan 2014

Shivani Mair, Executive Business and Life Coach CPCC, ACC, Public Speaker & Founder of the Our Peoples’ Coach™ initiative, offered new years insights and tips to motivate listeners of the BBC Asian Network to create a 2014 they want […]

  • Our People's Coach Promo Impact Nov 13 2
    500 + People Positively Impacted By Our People’s Coach Street Team Nov 13

500 + People Positively Impacted By Our People’s Coach Street Team Nov 13

The biggest coaching flash mob ever to take place is now complete!

Through the bone biting cold and rush of Christmas shoppers, travelers and busy professionals the Our People’s Coach Street Team speed coached and had valuable conversations with over […]

By |December 9th, 2013|CBN News, OPC News